Dec 5th

Yesterday, I began the first real day of my tour. We started in Copan, Honduras to see some Mayan ruins. The site is much smaller than Tikal (although they did say that only 25% of the site is uncovered) and the structures themselves are much smaller and less impressive. However, they have MUCH more in the way of stelas and sculptures. I love looking at them, and wish I could read their ancient language to understand. I’ve always been fascinated by ancient civilizations and i find it so interesting how many similarities there are between civilizations separated by oceans. For me, it is proof that Pangea must have existed – how else can you explain how interconnected we are?! I also like to try to imagine what tr common people were like in those times. When we think of ancient civilizations we think about rituals, religion, politics. But what were their personalities like? Did they have shy people? Loud people? Sassy people? Liars? Sweet people? I assume they must have, but it’s just not what we ever think of… Bonus, at the ruins there were gorgeous wild macaws!!
After the ruins, Rachel and I headed back to the hotel and I passed out for an hour and a bit. I’ve been exhausted, since my last little while at shekina I didn’t sleep much / would rather spend time with my friends!!
At 3, our entire tour group headed to some hot springs, which were gorgeous, in the jungle. We stayed there til well past sunset, then had delicious barbecued beef and chicken shish kebab with beans and tortillas.mmmm.

As I write this, I’m beginning a 12hr day of travel from Copan to the island of Roatan, where I’ll get the chance to lie on a hour sand beach and do some scuba diving!!

Dec 7th
Today, I completed my scuba diving certificate! This means that i can dive around the world at a max depth of 40ft with a guide. Honestly, diving is the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Since I was a kid i always wanted to be a mermaid. Seriously, according to my parents I used to watch and rewatch The Little Mermaid over and over again. Not sure why, but I’ve always had a fascination with fish too. Probably because I love colour and fish are so beautiful. I think I’m also really awed that there is a whole other world that exists totally beyond our views and beyond our comprehension.

Well over the past couple of days I’ve had the chance to explore that other world. We started with some in class stuff, then practiced some skills in the water before heading to a coral reef 40ft underwater to swim with the fishes. After a few moments of feeling panicky, i settled in. Saw all kinds of beautiful fish and coral, incredible colours. The next day was pretty much the same. So gorgeous. Tomorrow we’ll just be beach bumming before heading on an 18hr overnight journey to Nicaragua!!


2 thoughts on “Honduras

  1. How much would you estimate you spent there for the weekends? USD if possible 😛 I’m heading to Guatemala in a week and want to do these trips as well

    • I did honduras as part of a g adventures tour, after I was done my volunteering. I don’t think it would be reasonable to o to Roatan or Nicaragua on a weekend from Guatemala unless you fly. You can go to Copan, I’m not sure how much it costs but I think I saw fairly cheap (like $20 each way) shuttles from Antigua. There are tons of travel agencies there you will see on the roads. It cost like $15 to get into the ruins and meals cost usually under 10 dollars if not closer to 5. Don’t know prices of hotels as that was included in my tour costs.

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