Guatemala is cool

Apologies for the WORST title for this entry, ever. I honestly couldn’t think of what to call it, so there you go.

First off, I have to say that I am happy with my decision to move to Casa Shekina. I think that the more up-beat tempo of the house is more my style, even if it causes me to do stupid things like go out dancing til 2am on a Tuesday when I’m sick and need to be up at 6:30 the next morning. Seriously though, everyone in the house is really nice, and it’s pretty much impossible to be lonely. At the same time, I do have the “quiet space” of my room if I need it. Right now I’m rooming with 2 girls, Kim and Josey, but Kim is leaving at the end of the week, so it will most likely just be Josey and I for the rest of my stay (unless maybe Rachel joins us in Nov?).

Also at this house, there’s an american girl whose parents are French, Clelie, so she obviously speaks perfect francais. Today we had a french coffee date, and she showed me a good cafe to get good croissants. I’m excited that I’ll have the chance to speak french, we’ve decided to have semi-regular dates to keep it up 🙂 Tonight everyone in the house is going to a crepe place for dinner…omnom.

Everything else here is also going well, I’m progressing pretty quickly through my spanish lessons, but the best part is that my teacher is really into Guatemalan history and politics, so she shares with me. Tomorrow, we are going to go to a photo exhibition about the Guatemalan genocide of the 80s…it’ll be cool I think, and interesting to have her explain everything. I really knew NOTHING about Guatemala before coming, so I’m hoping to learn as much as possible in the short time that I’m here!

In terms of the clinic, 2 days in a row now there have been no patients, because they weren’t taking consults, and no one told me, so I went in anyways!! Yesterday almost everyone was at a protest in Guatemala city because of funding cuts, and today they had a major meeting. OI. I did, however, get a doctor to teach me how to do the proper knot for stitches yesterday since she had time. So maybe next time someone needs stitches I’ll be able to help out? I’m hoping to start getting into new stuff this coming week – sitting in on pre-natal care consultations, seeing more emergencies, and maybe asking the doc to watch during a baby delivery. Now that I’ve had the chance to get to know the docs better, hopefully they will be comfortable with me sticking my nose in to watch more!!

I still really want to write that blog post about all the things I’ve learned and observed about Guatemalan culture…maybe I’ll have to write it post-photo exhibition tomorrow.

For any friends reading this – I MISS YOUU and I wish you were here to share this experience with me.
For any future volunteers reading – This place is pretty great. you should be excited.


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