45 minutes

Right now I’m sitting at my gate, and boarding starts shortly. I have to say that the way I feel is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I don’t consciously feel nervous or excited, but my body is feeling it – i’ve had trouble keeping food down all morning. Its weird.

As much as I absolutely want to do this, I always second guess myself as soon as I actually have to go. Actually – I second guess myself twice. Once about 2 days before my flight then again when I have to say bye to my parents. All of a sudden, in these moments, the comfort of home seems so appealing. Doesn’t help much with the nerves.

But now that I’m on the other side of security, I’m back to being ready. There’s a couple other girls here I suspect are doing the same thing as me, even if not with the same organization. Woot!

There’s the call – talk to you on the other side!



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