When your hard work pays off

If you know me, you know I want to be a doctor.

If you know me a little better, you know that I want it so badly that I have dreams about it, and get so anxious about my applications that I can’t eat.

You probably also know that I have spent the past 2 summers – 6 months total – studying for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Last summer, I fell just short of the scores that would have been “good enough”. This year, I studied harder and longer. I hated every minute of it, but I kept my eye on the prize (most of the time) and remembered why I was doing it.

Today, all the stress, long hours, headaches, backaches, heartaches, the bank-ache (from not working for 2 summers) and missed social opportunities from these past 2 summers has paid off. I got the scores I needed, and better.

I immediately told my mom – then surprised myself by starting to cry. I don’t even know that I realized how much those 5 stupid numbers meant to me until that moment. They might seem like just a score – but really they are a representation of both the effort I put into them, and the possibility of pursuing my dream career. Amazing.

A big thanks to everyone who has liked or commented on my status today, and every other time I have posted about medical school. Every time I post something about it, I get an overwhelming amount of support – and it is so great to know that that many people believe in you, and want you to succeed. So thank you all – your support means the world and keeps me going when I fail to have faith in myself!


(that is how I feel)


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