Going through old stuff

At the moment, I am going through all of the stuff in my room and re-organizing. This means that while I am technically “cleaning”, my room currently looks like a tornado recently came through. The absolute best part of turning my room inside out is all the hilarious stuff I find when I go through it. Some of it is totally random (last year I found notes from grade 7 math and geography, like I’ll ever use that again!) and some take me on a serious trip down memory lane. Most of it is stuff from grade 7 through high school, which means that I’m still close friends with most of the people that have given me this stuff. The fact that I get to look back on the people we used to be, and the relationships we used to have, in comparison to who we are and our relationships now, is super interesting, and really, really, funny. I had my share of difficulties throughout junior high and high school, so getting to look back on it fondly and with humour is a nice way to remind myself that it wasn’t all bad, that I had some pretty sweet times, and that I’m thankful my friends and I have done a lot of growing up since!

Here are some gems I’ve found this time around:

The Happy Book – this is a book that a few of my friends and I used to pass around and write/draw in to update each other on what was happening in our lives since we didn’t have lunch together (note: our lockers were side-by-side). The contents of this book are hilarious, and will not be posted on the internet because we would all die of shame.

An Orlando Bloom Calendar and Legolas Poster – Back when Lord of the Rings first came out, I was OBSESSED with Orlando Bloom in a way only a 13 year old girl can be. So, naturally, I wanted an Orlando Bloom poster. Sonia, knowing this, told me she was going to get me one. But then, a few days before my birthday party, she told me she was sorry, that she couldn’t find a Legolas poster, so she got me a Viggo Mortensen one instead. Disappointed, but satisfied with the close second in my heart, I was SHOCKED and intensely happy when on my birthday I unrolled the poster to find none other than LEGOLAS. She had tricked me. It was beautiful.

A bristol-board-sized card Sonia made me for my 11th birthday, complete with a backwards “Z” in my name.

A scrapbook project from grade 8 where we had to give each person in the class an “award”. I was super-bold (especially considering this was actually submitted to a teacher), calling my friend Meagan (who is now one of my best friends) “the meanest”, another girl the “biggest flirt” stating: “she flirts with everyone all the time, she doesn’t even know it!”, and myself the “most musical”,beginning the post with “not to be conceited or anything, but I’d say I’m the most musical in the class”. Not to mention some ridiculous “awards” including “most disorganized”, “the unknown” (for someone who I had no idea what award to give), “way 2 hyper” (Ashley, that was you) and “softest hair”. Seriously, this is an embarrassing piece of work, and I will continue to go back and laugh at it for years on end.

Letters from friends from during the summer. My friend Rachel and I used to exchange letters every summer while she was away at her cottage. Every letter is precious, but the best one is one that was written by herself, Ashley and Meagan together. The contents will remain secret, but suffice it to say that the contents of a love-struck teen’s heart and mind are highly amusing, particularly to an adult version of myself who also knows the adult version of that love-struck teen.

A number of drawings and beautifully crafted letters from my friend Shannon, including a few “portraits” of me that I hope were not representative of what I actually looked like at the time.

A collection of framed Disney pictures – Back in the day, my grandmother would buy me every new Disney VHS from the Disney Store, so they came with a beautiful poster from the movie. My parents had these all framed, and they used to be on my wall in my old house. I have all the classics – Snow White, Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas….and more.

My old dance shoes – man, that one hurt. I miss dancing so much!

And so much more. The memories go on and on. It is so lovely to reminisce.


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