There is no more pure joy and unconditional love than that of a dog. Whenever I come back to my parents’ place after being in Guelph, my dogs always give me the best welcome home. They’re there waiting for me at the door, barking and wriggling their little tails, whole bodies shaking with excitement. Then as soon as I’m through the door – ATTACK! They’re jumping all over me, whining, licking, snuggling and begging for a belly rub. This is approximately what it looks like:

Tell me that didn’t bring tears to your eyes, and I’ll tell you you have no soul.

Every dog has their “person”. For my parents’ dog Benson, it’s my mom, but I’ve always had a special little bond with him too. He’s my baby, and he always sleeps on my bed with me at night when I come home. LOOK HOW CUTE!


Then this January, I decided to get a dog of my own to keep me company in Guelph. She’s a bossy little girl full of sassy attitude (like mother like daughter?) and, despite how crazy she makes me, I love her to bits. For her, I am her person. She’s been staying with my parents recently because of exams, but when I come home, she refuses to leave my side. While I study, she just sits on the end of the bed and sleeps. Then at night she likes to try to sleep in my bed too…SOO MANY PUPPIESSS. She’s adorable. agh. i love her.


Right now, my grandparents are on vacation, so we’re dog-sitting their dog too. I absolutely love having 3 dogs in the house. It’s bustling and fun and there’s so much love in the air. Dogs = magical deliverers of unconditional love. Seriously. Who else would love you that much in return for nothing but your love?

Plus, they’re pretty damn cute.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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