The Perfect Study-Buddy

I find that for my science courses, more often than not, I need to study alone. Just get in the zone and learn that shit!

Literature and ASCI courses are a whole different story. If I study alone too long, I wonder if I’m just making things up, or totally missing the point. This is where I need a study buddy. Someone to let me know I’m not going crazy, to keep me on track, and to provide some comic relief along the way so that I don’t end up pulling my hair out.

This year I’ve been really lucky to find those people whenever I need them. First, practically our entire ASCI class teamed up last semester to review for our final. We sat there together for hours, occasionally getting distracted by a funny youtube video, or ranting about how much we dislike Philippe Rushton, or swooning over how awesome our professor was. Ultimately, though, we got that shit done. And it was awesome. 

This semester, I was lucky enough to do a project in my French course with two awesome ladies, Amanda and Marcie. Since we worked so well together on the project, we decided to study together for the final. Honestly, I don’t think I would have done half the work I did for this final if I hadn’t been working with them. They kept me on track, and kept the humour coming, so studying for this final didn’t seem like such a chore.


The perfect study-buddy: keeps you on track, throws out some sweet ideas you never thought of, tells you when you make zero sense, on the same wavelength as you and keeps the laughs comin’. Bonus points if you also come with food.

Thanks ladies for being the best study buddies ❤



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