Facebook ridiculousness

This blog is about things that make my heart smile. Here’s something that is making my heart smile right this minute. So imma blog about it quick while I’m still feeling inspired.

I love being absolutely ridiculous. Now, the internet, and Facebook in particular, has facilitated this process.

I can sit in my room, completely alone, and somehow still manage to act like a fool with my friends. AND have a good enough time that I actually laugh my little butt off. Good thing the neighbours can’t hear me giggling to myself…all alone…slowly descending into madness….

My girl Sonia is particularly wonderful at inducing these fits of madness.

cases in point:


or this gem, from a while back


Don’t you agree that we’re the best looking?

And she’s not the only one who helps make my Facebook life full of joy. This ridiculousness happens to me all the time, but here’s yet another example from today (man, today’s a good Facebook day!….annnnd now I hear how lame I sound)


I SWEAR I have friends in real life. This is the exam madness talking.



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