Getting Accepted


Remember when you were in grade 12? When you were trying to decide where to go/what to do after high school? It felt like the biggest decision you would ever make. Every time an acceptance came your way it made you feel good, worthy, and like every dream and possibility was there for the taking.

Since I was in grade 12, I’ve wanted to go to medical school.So, since I’m graduating this year, I applied, naturally.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any interviews this year. This was something I was prepared for. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed though. I know how difficult it is to get in, but guess on some level I was arrogant enough to think I was the exception. Still, I realized this meant I could have a year to myself, to do some traveling and learning. The alternative wasn’t so bad.

TODAY, I found out that I got into two french law programs at the University of Ottawa!! I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but it FEELS SO GOOD to know that I am WANTED by a program. Not just any program, but LAW SCHOOL. Sweeeeeeeeet.

I posted the news on my Facebook status, and I got 43 likes , 16 comments saying congrats and 4 texts. Talk about feeling like a star – ego boost!

This complicates my life, and I hate making decisions. But it’s lovely to be accepted. As the all-wise Sophie said to me today: ” Remember… options are better than no options!”



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