Authority figures who care

As a victim of bullying, this issue is super close to my heart. Recently, we’ve heard so much about stopping bullying. This, I think, was largely spurred by the tragic suicides by gay teens. But the movement has grown to so much more than a discussion of LGTB rights, and that is as it should be. People are bullied all the time for a million different reasons. I could go on about it (trust me, I’m passionate about it), but right now I’d rather concentrate on some of the positive things that people who hold positions of authority or influence are doing to combat bullying. Maybe these strategies will work, maybe they won’t, but at least these people care enough to try.

On a local level:–anti-bullying-strategy-launched-by-guelph-police

Stars: Ellen (I will probably post in the future about how much I love this woman):

Lady Gaga: (this was in response to anti-bullying action taken by students at the Etobicoke School of the Arts)


And there’s much much more. What are you doing in YOUR life to combat bullying? What do you think we could/should do?


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